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Problems with SunOS and Solaris

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Sat Jan 21 10:53:15 1995 )

From: azuki@di.uminho.pt (Rui Mendes)
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 16:51:30 +0100 (MET)

I sent a mail about this problem a few days ago but it seems that it didn't
get through because of a complication on sendmail here. If however you get
this mail twice i apologise.
I have been testing this server on SunOS and Solaris and on both systems i got
several anoying problems. The problems I have are related with dumping the
database, in doing so, the database loses a certain number of objects. I have
been trying to figure out it such a thing happens. I browsed throught the code
and it seems that it might happen perhaps on the function cache_sync on the
file cache.c or because of the dbm library, because the driver uses it to
store the database.
However, my browsing through the code was very superficial. And the fact that
i spoke to Brandon and he had no problem with Ultrix and I seem to have no
problem in Data General(at least so far, the database saving problem does not
happen everytime, just now and again) leads me to think that it might be
something system dependent.
I read the README.src which comes with the driver, there is nowhere to be
found a makefile specific to solaris or SunOS even if the file mentions it.
All the mentions to SunOS seemed to be hardcoded if one added the define SunOS
at compile time. So, in principle, it is not because of my fault when
installing the driver that i am having such problems. on the following lines i
will add the uname of both the SunOS and Solaris machine where i tested the

SunOS:   SunOS s700 4.1A.1 4.1.1 sun4
Solaris: SunOS mes08 5.3 Generic_Patch sun4m sparc

Sometimes, after some of the objects were lost and i tried to restart the
server, i got a 'select: forever wait' error. But that might be because of
some of the objects i lost.
Does anyone else using such machine experience such problems? Is there a way
to correct them? Or do I have to hack the server core to try to find it?
Feedback would be appreciated.

P.S.: Now i remember that i used the same binary on both the SunOS and the
Solaris machine. The binary was compile on the SunOS machine. So i compiled it
now on the solaris machine and I am going to make another test there to see if
I have the same errors. In any case, the errors ocurred in SunOS using the
right binary.
 -- Rui Mendes