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ColdX-0.1 driver release

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Wed Mar 1 20:50:43 1995 )

From: brandon@smithfield.declab.usu.edu
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 95 18:48:58 -0700

In leiu of me needing something to pull me away from some of my other projects,
I have packaged up my changes to ColdMUD in the ColdX 0.1 driver.  ColdX is
a derivitive work, different in name so as to lessen confusion between existing
ColdMUD driver development (wherever it may be...) and my own development.
Changes from Jordan's 0.12-0 driver include:

ColdX 0.1
        * added signal handler
        * changed main loop structure, previously:
            1. flush_defunct connections/records
            2. handle all input and output events:
                1. [io]wait for something to happen
                2. handle connection input and output
                3. handle new and pending connections
            3. handle heartbeat
            4. run paused tasks
            1. flush_defunct connections/records
            2. [io]wait for something to happen
            3. handle connection input
            4. handle new and pending connections
            5. handle heartbeat
            6. handle connection output
            7. run paused tasks
        * changed a few function names:
            todbref()            => toobj()
            get_name()           => get_objnum()
            disconnect()         => close_connection()
            conn_assign()        => reassign_connection()
            run_script()         => execute()
            bind()               => bind_port()
            unbind()             => unbind_port()
            connect()            => open_connection()
            set_heartbeat_freq() => set_heartbeat()
            set_name()           => add_dbref()
            del_name()           => del_dbref()
            db_top()             => next_objnum()
        * added functions:
            status()   -- system status (`man rusage` for more info)
            load()     -- system load, define CHECK_LOAD in config.h
                          to use.  Note: this is not a good implementation.
            mtime()    -- microseconds (`man gettimeofday` for more info)
        * fixed strsub() bug (strsub("", "", ""))
        * Random code cleanup and rewrites
        * rewrote configure, made it better/more comprehensive
    0.12-1[b-c]: fixed some problems with configure and the
        server testing script. (Brandon)
    0.12-1 4-Nov-94: Brandon Gillespie / Alex Stewart
        Updated Documentation, created a baseline configure
        script, added bin/ and it's relative scripts,
        cleaned up file heirarchy.  Added write_err(),
        which goes to stderr (same as write_log before),
        write_log() goes to stdout and is (currently)
        only called in op_log().  Alex Stewart fixed
        compile warnings.  Major additions of this patch
        level include the file tree and the configure
        script system.

NOTE: Because of the function changes, no database will work with the driver,
out of the box.  I will be releasing a stripped version of the current CDC
core sometime soon.  Just note that this is a pre release version of CDC,
and a few things are not completed...(such as ctext and options need a few
tweaks, and commands are still in their half advanced state).

Enjoy, and feel free to swing by the Cold Dark (recumbent.declab.usu.edu:1138)

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