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Re: Porting, specifically to OS/2

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Sun Nov 28 22:17:34 1993 )

From: stewarta@netcom.com (Alex Stewart)
To: deforest@netcom.com (Robert de Forest)
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 93 19:10:51 PST
Cc: coldstuff@MIT.EDU
In-Reply-To: <199311282244.OAA12663@mail.netcom.com>; from "Robert de Forest" at Nov 28, 93 2:44 pm

Well, I dunno if anybody's done it, but porting it to OS/2 doesn't sound that
insane.. I don't presently have the resources or the time to try it, but if
someone does do it I'd be interested in looking at the results.

What I'd suggest is picking up a copy of EMX or GCC/2 off of ftp-os2.cdrom.com
(both are ports of the Gnu C compiler to OS/2.  EMX is designed primarily for
porting things from unix, too (and is a pretty nice OS/2 compiler in its own
right)), and starting from there..  any other unix development tools you might
need are probably on ftp-os2, too.  shouldn't be that hard, it seems to me.