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Re: idea for custom error handling

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Wed May 24 17:14:41 1995 )

From: brandon@clarkston.declab.usu.edu
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU
In-Reply-To: Your message of "Wed, 24 May 95 14:14:41 CDT."
Date: Wed, 24 May 95 15:12:33 -0600

< I had this idea a while ago but I don't remember posting it.
< I'd like to add 'global catching' of a sort where the first action taken by
<  the server when an error is thrown is to suspend the task and call
<  $sys.handle_error(error, error_str, error_arg, task_id). If the task is
<  resumed the expression that threw the error would instead return the value
<  the task was resumed with. A new function 'complete_throw' (help me think
<  of a better name) would be added to cause the usual action to happen.
< The point of all this is to allow a function to be debugged as it's running.
<  .handle_error could choose to leave the task suspended and tell the
<  programmer about the suspended task, etc.

The only problem with this, is that it would add a bit of overhead to things
which would never want it.

Perhaps we could do something along the lines of expected methods.  Let me
tangent for a moment.  I would like to have constructors and deconstructors
handled by the driver.  You would then just flag the method (either through
"destructor;" or "constructor;" as a statement at the beginning, or a method
which flips bits on methods--I like the last idea best, then we could remove
disallow_overrides; from compile and just call a function to set that aspect
of the method).  Constructors would come into play when you can define
private methods, as a constructor/destructor would be private in the sense
that it could ONLY be called by the driver (dont even bother perm checking

Along these same lines, we could create a handle_error method.  If this method
exists on an object, and a method executing on that object throws an error,
then your suggested idea above would go into effect (but on the object
instead of sys).  This would catch any error caused while executing a method
on the object that .handle_error is _defined_ on.  handle_error would be a
private method.

< On a separate topic, I'd like to see traceback and callers include arg info.
<  callers is already an encapsulation breaking function only useful for
<  debugging and such and the same goes for traceback :). This would allow me
<  to inspect the args going into a method which caused it to throw.

Yah, I would like to see it too.

< I might make these changes myself, or I might not. I'd like to know what other
<  people think.

-Brandon Gillespie-
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           those who dream only by night."  - Edgar Allan Poe