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heh (Re: tCD and ColdX mailing lists)

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Sun Jul 30 17:34:26 1995 )

Date: Sun, 30 Jul 1995 15:33:07 -0600
From: 869683 Gillespie Brandon James <brandon@paradise.declab.usu.edu>
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU

< Methinks this would maybe spam the server just a LITTLE BIT.

Sorry, I realized after i sent that off that I said blocks.  All I intended
to do was to grab a line at a time.

Actually, we could just not allow intrusive file openings like with
connections, but let connections go both ways (trying to open an intrusive
file would throw an error).

< Sending them how?  Just like net connections?


< Hm.  The answer is: neither.  Files are more complex than net 
< connections, you'd want to be able to seek around in them and the like.  

But do you really?  I can see file read/write being used somewhat, but
file seeking and other higher level ops just wouldn't.  Cold is a higher
level language.  I feel that type of control is beyond it's intended

(but, hey, you never know...)