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Ohyeah, ColdX 0.1-6

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Thu Aug 31 04:42:35 1995 )

Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 02:41:20 -0600
From: 869683 Gillespie Brandon James <brandon@smithfield.declab.usu.edu>
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU

For those who are interested, I have an alpha ColdX 0.1-6 which includes
public/private/protected/root/driver methods, as well as expanded flags
including disallow_overrides, synchronized, locked and native 
(synchronized and native will come into play later).  Furthermore, it
changed the "\\" escape feature to not eat backslash escapes unless they
were followed by another backslash or a double-quote character.

It also fixes a nasty bug found by Miroslav, where it would duplicate
a method upon compilation (needed) but never free the old copy (which
would make starting from a textdump take up a lot of memory).

It is running at the Cold Dark, for interested parties, just connect


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