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ColdX-0.2-0 (Pre 1.0-0 release)

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Mon Sep 11 19:13:10 1995 )

Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 17:07:30 -0600
From: 869683 Gillespie Brandon James <brandon@smithfield.declab.usu.edu>
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU

The ColdX-0.2-0 driver is available, Changes from 0.1-4 (last publicized

0.2-0 [11-Sep-95]: Brandon Gillespie, Miroslav Silovic
      * Added Floating Point support (Miroslav)
      * Fixed memory leak in match_pattern() (Miroslav)
      * New Function: method() (returns method in current frame)
      * New Function: backup(), similar to binary_dump(), but it copies
        the binary directory before making it dirty again.
      * Fixed bug with decompiling frob's
      * New Function: buffer_from_string() (newlines -> \n )
      * New Function: buffer_to_string()   (newlines -> \n )
      * Changed compiling escapes in strings.  Previously it would eat
        any single slash, and would escape the second character.  Now
        it does not eat the slash if the second char is not a double
        quote, or a slash.  This was causing a problem as you would
        have to submit regexp escapes as "str \\$object" rather than
        "str \$object" as they should be.  It works fine now.
      * Rearranged files in anticipation of adding object modules and
        native methods.
      * Added method states and method flags.  Method states can be one
        of the following:
            public              (default)
            private             (callable only by this)
            protected           (sendable only by this)
            root                (callable only by $root)
            driver              (callable only by the driver)
        Method flags can be any of the following:
            disallow_overrides  (same as before)
            synchronized        (will be used with multi-threading)
            locked              (method cannot be changed after this is set)
            native              (the method is native code, will come in later)
      * New Function: method_flags() returns the method flags as a list
        boolean integers.  This will change to a bitwise field, once
        bitwise operators are added.
      * New Function: method_state() returns the method state as a symbol
      * New Function: set_method_state() sets the method state
      * New Function: set_method_state() sets the method state
0.1-5 [7-Aug-95]: Brandon Gillespie, Miroslav Silovic, Jeff Kesselman
      * New Function: clear_var() (Brandon, Miroslav)
      * New Functions: localtime(), strftime() and timestamp() (Brandon)
      * New Function: buffer_tail() (Jeff Kesselman)
      * textdump read/write: ignores variables with invalid parents (Brandon)
      * New Functions: stat_file(), read_file() (Brandon)
        read_file() will eventually work the way it is supposed to,
        (line by line) rather than the entire file in one buffer (which
        is as it works now).
      * Added file management routines, seperate development source
        for developers, distribution source is a modified version of
        the development source.  (Brandon)
0.1-4 [16-May-95]: Brandon Gillespie, Miroslav Silovic
      * Fixed "E" in "aeiou" bug (Brandon Gillespie)
      * Fixed ugly nasty bug in function binding (Brandon Gillespie)
      * Fixed regexp bug, had backwards logic (Miroslav Silovic)
      * Signal handler now catches SIGCHLD and does what it should (so
        no more <defunct> processes, hopefully). (Brandon Gillespie)
      * Signal handler resets signals after each catch, for SYSV systems
        (I don't believe BSD systems need to do this, but I could be
        wrong).  (Brandon Gillespie)


0.2-0 is the testbed for 1.0  Once bugs have been hunted in this version,
I will do a 1.0 release.  Read the file NOTES in the base directory for
bug hunting notes.

It is available via:


ColdX Project pages can be found at:



-Brandon Gillespie-