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daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Thu Jan 4 14:43:25 1996 )

Date: Thu, 04 Jan 1996 14:18:54 +0500
To: coldstuff@tombstone.sunrem.com
From: mwilson@vt.edu (Mike "Zaphod" Wilson)

I'm getting ready to start a new Genesis/ColdX/ColdMUD (whatever we are 
gonna call the server this year :)) project in which I hope to do something 
a little different with the core.  I won't claim to be some code wizard who 
can snap his  fingers and instantly have everything I want coded.  Thefore, 
I kinda wanna save myself as much trouble as possible.  

The basic premise of my core would be to remove the 'room' concept.  Every  
Object would have props/definitions that supported its location (probably 
3-d int. coords), size,etc. My looking at the ColdCore to this point (very 
limited exposure) implies I'm prolly gonna need to take something like a 
Minimal Core and build from there (I don't want all that fancy schmancy http 
stuff that ColdCore has yet anyway :)) ... but I saw  something the other 
day that implied ColdCore already had pretty close to this 'relational' type 
setup that I want.  

Questions are:

1) Where the heck can I find some good documentation on the ColdCore (I 
know, I'm dreaming, right?) 

2) Will ColdCore Indeed do the kinda 'relational' system I'm looking for.

3) Will it be easier to take ColdCore, delete all the frills that I don't  
want in my core, or go ahead and start from Minimal and go up?

All Help greatly appreciated, but probably not rewarded :)

Mike (Zaphod)
mwilson@glock.com                                             mwilson@vt.edu
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