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daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Wed Jan 17 11:28:37 1996 )

Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 09:14:20 -0700 (MST)
From: Brandon Gillespie <brandon@tombstone.sunrem.com>
To: coldstuff@tombstone.sunrem.com
Reply-To: coldstuff@tombstone.sunrem.com

I did rewrite the parser from scratch, but ONLY as a temporary quick 
'hack' until we can get a 'real' parser in yacc.  As my experience with 
yacc is restricted I opted for the quicker less forgiving path of doing 
it by hand.

To address your various concerns:

   * multiple lines were _not_ allowed in variable declarations before, if
     they existed, the value on another line was simply discarded (i.e. it
     wouldn't say anything).
   * multiple lines ARE allowed, you simply need to escape them with a
     backslash.  At the time this seemed like a perfectly logical idea.
     However, I've since realized it isn't, as then an inconsistency exists
     compared to variables.
   * 0.3 isn't meant as a stable release, it is still a beta.  Stick with
     0.2-x if you want stability.
   * I'm willing to take parsers from generous programmers :)


(BTW, the <space>// is a bug, and should not happen, same with the x=x)