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[COLD] Realms in CDC

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Fri Jan 26 02:30:46 1996 )

From: "Jeff Kesselman" <jeffk@tenetwork.com>
To: coldstuff@tombstone.sunrem.com
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 23:16:05 +0000
Reply-To: coldstuff@tombstone.sunrem.com

Hi all,
A few questions on Realms, which I realise are incomplete.

1) What functionality is currently there?
2) It looks like realm_of_creation is actually an object.  What does 
the realm frob really represent? It kind of looks t me like a realm 
frob is just a reference to a realm object and some args attached to 
it (that currently seem unused).
3) Why were frobs used here?  This probably relates to (2)
4) I have a super-room concept in my RPG design called a "time-zone". 
 All rooms within a time-zone are locked in step for world-time.  
Does this sound like something reasonable to implement as additions 
to a Realm, or is there a better way?



P.S.  BTW:  Lynx made me into a real CDC user last time, but I didn't 
set my password.  Could a CDC admin please mail me what my current 
password is?  Thx.
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