Cold Core Frequently Asked Questions v1.1

Table of Contents

  1. Server Questions
    1. What hardware/software does the Cold server run on?
    2. What hardware/software does Cold absoultely not run on?
  2. Core Questions
    1. How do I get a listing of available commands
    2. @add-command
    3. How do you get a list of known mailing lists here?
    4. On @mail-lists, why does it tell you about lists you can't read?
    5. How about if you can't read or send?
    6. How do you read/join a list?
    7. How do I turn a 'symbol referance into an $object referance?
    8. What signals in @status, does it count? are they the standard unix kill signals?
    9. Admin help is wrong, or something...this doesn't work:
    10. Does @adjust make a guest 'real'? and does it mail out a password to them?
    11. Is there anyway to see what class/level all the chars currently on are? (ie guest?)
    12. Where does the dbbin directory go?
    13. How do I destroy a char, and how do I disconnect a char?
    14. One of my players is saying that he can no longer talk, and I haven't a clue why
    15. What's the 'some_name notation?
    16. Where's /start.html kept in the db?
    17. How do I add a web gateway?

Ken Brush