Cold Core Faq v1.1 (Server)

  1. Server Questions
    1. What hardware/software does the Cold server run on?
        It has been tested on the following platforms:
        • DEC OSF/1 2.0
        • DEC Ultrix 4.4
        • FreeBSD 2.1-R and 2.1.5-R
        • Linux
        • Sun Solaris 2.4
        • Sun Solaris 2.5
        • Windows 95/NT (Only allows 1 connection)
    2. What hardware/software does Cold absoultely not run on?

        Cold will not run on SunOS 4.1.x, nor will it ever (most likely), go upgrade to Solaris 2.4 or later. Also, it will not work on a Macintosh at the present moment, though there is thought of changing this.

Ken Brush