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Good day all,

The latest version of the 1.1-STABLE release is out.  It can be found on
the usual FTP site, ftp://ftp.cold.org/

1.1p5   [25-Sept-98] Bruce, Brad, Colin, Brandon
      * Brought random() into agreement with docs and enforced it by
        throwing ~range when arg is negative or zero. (Bruce)
      * Network I/O made non-blocking for incoming connections (Bruce,
        Brad, Colin)
      * Add check to be sure backup() was able to open the directory.
      * Removed memset() on Win32 from emalloc() (Bruce)
      * Changed tell to ctell to resolve solaris 2.6 conflict (Brad)
      * bufidx() had an array bounds read problem. (Brad)
      * Fixed bug in strgraft() (Bruce)
      * Fixed crash bug in coldcc (Bruce, noticed by Kipp)
      * Fixed memory leak in signal handler (Bruce)
      * Fixed crash bug in signal handler when no current task (Bruce)
      * Fixed write_long to work properly on 64 bit systems (Brad)
      * Fixed execute() to return an exit status of 0 properly  (Bruce)
      * Fixed memory leak in unbind_port() (Bruce)
      * Fixed abs() to throw an error when the arg isn't an integer or
        float (Bruce)
      * Fixed files() to check for NULL after opendir() and fixed a
        memory leak (Brandon)
      * Fixed bug in match_begin() (Brandon)
      * Fixed uninitialized reads in $sys._status() native (Bruce)

Thanks to all who were involved.

 - Bruce