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At 12:40 AM 10/31/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Good day all!
>Some of you already know that Genesis is back under active development.
>The 1.2 version brings a lot of change internally to the driver.  Some of
>the upcoming changes will include the use of threads inside the driver.
>This will not be affecting the multitasking model of the ColdC language
>for now, but things like the ColdC compiler, the network layer, and
>possibly file I/O.  However, like all changes, this has problems.  Threads
>are not supported on all platforms.

If you use pthreads I think this problem becomes kinda null-ish.  Pthreads
has been ported all to hell and isn't too difficult to port to other
platforms.  Plus it's pretty stable, and available on most platforms by
default.  Its small size, GNU license, and good config script makes it OK
to bundle up with Genesis.

>Are any of you out there using Genesis on such platforms?  Does anyone out
>there need to have a non-threaded version?

Look into libpthreads ;)

Michael Loftis
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