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Brandon J. Rickman wrote:
>Jon Lambert's email seems to have changed, so I'll post this here:
>To: Jon Lambert <jlsysin@ix.netcom.com>

Ah it's jlsysinc

>Subject: win32 genesis
>I'm trying to compile the latest stable version of genesis for win32.  I
>am stalled trying to do the final compile, can't seem to get past
>These are the errors I'm getting.  Note I'm using Borland 4.52, will this 
>be a problem?

I don't believe that Borland version will be a problem.

>Error grammar.y 51: Multiple declaration for 'YYSTYPE'
>Error /usr/lib/bison.simple 102: Type mismatch in redeclaration of

I recall getting these errors when using bison.

The solution was either:
1) Make sure the -y option is used with bison.
2) Use yacc or byacc

It was definitely a problem with the parser generator I was
using.  I can't quite remember which one worked best.

J. Lambert