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The following is a list of all mailing lists on Historic list archives are linked seperate from the current archives (different software system). To view the new archives, you must be subscribed to the list (the list server will send you instructions on how to read the current archives).

If you wish to subscribe to a list, follow the list name link.
ListSubscribePostArchives Historic
coldstuff public subscriber subscriber public General discussion on Cold related topics.
cold-announce n/a n/a n/a public Public announcements by anybody for Cold related things (server openings, code releases, etc)
genesis n/a n/a n/a public General discussion for the ColdC driver/interpreter Genesis. Bug reports, questions and development discussion will occur on this list.
genesis-announce n/a n/a n/a public Announcements for the ColdC driver/interpreter Genesis
genesis-p n/a n/a n/a public Genesis patch submission list, feel free to send any patches here.
coldcore n/a n/a n/a public General ColdCore discussion, also *coldcore on the Cold Dark.
coldcore-announce n/a n/a n/a public Announcements for ColdCore, usually release and errata information.

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