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Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

At the core of ColdC is the concept of Objects. Objects in ColdC are much like objects in real-life: places, people, tables, man-eating teddy bears...Objects can also be general descriptions of how certain things behave (often referred to as Generic Objects or Virtual Classes), such as a general description of a door (it can be opened, closed, knocked on, and is opaque), or food (it can be sniffed, tasted, eaten, or thrown; once eaten it is gone forever).

For those who already have some experience programming: The thing that distinguishes Object-Oriented languages is that data is active. That means that bundled with your structured variables are methods for dealing with the stored data. If done right, an object's data should only ever have to be accessed or changed by using its methods. This way, if you as the object's manager decide to re-implement how data is stored in the object, you can just change the methods and not have to tell everyone using your object to make changes to the way they access it.

  • Referencing Objects
  • Examining Objects
  • VR Names and Aliases
  • Object Variables
  • Methods
  • Commands
  • Messages

  • Neale Pickett <zephyr@nmt.edu>

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