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VR Names and Aliases

As mentioned in the section on Referencing Objects, ColdCore has three ways of referencing objects. The two most commonly used by most players are VR Names and Aliases.

A  VR Name is the primary name of an object in the Virtual Reality (VR) world of the ColdCore. When an object is listed in a description, the name given is the VR Name.

If an object's name consists of more than one word, or might be referenced by another word, it is a good idea to give it an  alias or two. For example, if I have an object named "Sperm Whale", I might want to add the alias "whale" to it, in the interest of not forcing users of my whale to have to type in "Sperm Whale" every time they use my whale. Additionally, if the whale had a name, I could add another alias, "Betsy" to it, so players could reference it by its proper name as well.

 @add-name-alias <alias> to <object>
 @del-name-alias <alias> to <object>
 @name-aliases [object]

Neale Pickett <zephyr@nmt.edu>

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