Introduction to MOO programming

This is Mort's ( introduction to programming online in MOOs. I assume no prior knowledge of anything beyond the basic player commands in most MOOs. Experienced programmers will doubtless find some of this a little boring, but there's some tricks that will catch C or Perl hackers in the way that MOO handles things, so try and stick with it.
Some of the contents of this tutorial are specific to GondolinCores, and I'll mark these with (gc) such that if you're not going to be coding on a GondolinCore, you'll know to treat it with a grain of salt.

These documents are copyright © 1999 to Mort - aka Robert Sanderson. I reserve the right to be known as the author of these documents. They may be freely distributed as long as the text remains unchanged. Any additions, corrections, suggestions, modifications can be sent to me via email and will be incorporated into a revised version with appropriate credit to the contributing authors.


  1. Differences between MOO and other game servers
  2. The basics of coding - objects, properties and verbs
  3. How MOO parses player commands
  4. Programmer commands overview
  5. Code syntax
    1. Types
    2. Variables
    3. Functions
    4. Conditionals: If
    5. Loops: For and While
    6. A longer look at Properties
    7. Timing: Fork and Suspend
    8. Tasks
    9. More coming...
  6. Code tricks Coming...
  7. Other Resources

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