LambdaMOO utility code

One of my interests is LambdaMOO programming. (For the technically minded out there, this is a persistant, object-oriented, dynamically typed, multiprocessing language/operating system with a syntax similar to that of C. It is geared around running a server into which multiple users can connect via telnet sessions. For the less technically minded, it's a MUD programming system.) I've produced a number of useful utilities, which I am of a mind to share with the MOO community.

The code here is in the form of scripts, which are basically pasted into your telnet client. They will recreate the verbs and objects. However, they may need a bit of editing first, so check the comments at the top before running them. They also need to be executed with wizard permissions, so you may want to check them first! I'm vaguely planning an @outputdata and @inputdata verb to automate this, but probably won't get anywhere.

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