E_WEB Server Ver. 1.2c
by The Wizards and hard workers of E_MOO
Installation scripts originally by me and modified by Campbell

This is a web server for your moo that lets objects return html codes to a port on the server from inside the MOO.


Basic Install : Main web page, all players/objects can return html text to make their objects readable to the world.
Extra Install (Basic + Generic Web Request Handler) : VRML, who list, view object code, view objects, read mailing lists, insert CGI.

Basic: 44K
Extra: 21K

Insatlling is now greatly simplified thanks to Campbell who has enchanced the instillation scripts.

  1. Basic Install: Insert this text into your MOO
  2. Extras: Insert this text into your MOO
  3. @set $httpd.server_name to "your moo server"
  4. @set $httpd.server_port to <port # you want to run the server on>
  5. Edit #0:server_started and insert this line:
  6. Type: ;$httpd:start_listening()
  7. Edit $httpd.home_page_body to return your default home page html.
  8. Make :http_request(tnt)(+x) verbs on objects to allow them to return html code.
  9. List the verbs on all the objects created by the scripts to view all of the features of the server.

NOTE: Do not use the default port 80 if you are on a system with a real web server. (Unless you like being chewed out by your sysop :) )


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Copyright 1997