Jabber MOO


This project sets a MOO server to listen for and respond to jabber messages.Users of the MOO can communicate with users of Jabber through MOO commands in the Jabber Feature object.


Jabber Users:

†† Connect to ahynes1.homeip.net port 5222.At this point it should look like you are connected to a limited feature jabber server.Currently, the Roster shows all active people on the MOO and connected via Jabber.(The MOO is currently fairly small, so that isnít much of a problem).Do not try registering as a new user.Just go in as if your character already exists.

†† Chat works well, both directions with both MOO users and other Jabber users.

†† Groupchat works okay for predefined conferences.On the MOO there are two types of such conferences, Rooms, and Channels.Currently channels are bi-directional.LogMOO is the current testing channel.Rooms can here what a jabber user says, but Jabber Users cannot hear what is said in a room (yet).Jabber users do not currently have the ability to create new conferences.

†† The browser currently will list the rooms.vCard support is not yet implemented.

†† Presence indications do not automatically refresh in most cases.

†† There is limited connectivity between Jabber MOO and other Jabber servers.Jabber users on other servers should be able to chat with Jabber MOO users and Jabber users on other servers should be able to connect to channels on a jabber MOO.


MOO Users:

†† If you connect to a channel on the MOO that Jabber users are on, you can use the channel in the normal way.Jabber users in the conference that connects to this channel will receive the messages, and their replies will come back on the channel.Currently, the LogMOO channel is the only Jabber enabled channel.

†† If you enter a room, anything you say or emote will (in the future) be transmitted to any Jabber Users that have connected to the conference that connects to this room.Currently the Guest Room and The Entrance room are connected.Traffic is currently from the Jabber Conference to the room, but not the other way around

@addfeature #605This adds the Jabber Feature.It includes @jwho which lists who is connected to Jabber and how long they have been idle, and jpage which will send a message to a Jabber user.

Future developments:

1)      Fix all the things listed above that havenít been implemented yet.

2)      Explore SunNET connectivity and MOOIRC connectivity.


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