As I mentioned online, /moo/jabber has the latest version.  It is a very early version and I suspect that your specific goal of communicating to MSN IM may prove fairly difficult, but using Jabber MOO to communicate between Jabber Users and MOO users should be fairly simple.  I don't know how much you know about jabber, so I will go into a little detail to talk about the different pieces and how to approach this.


   Jabber is set up to be a distributed system.  A jabber client connects to a jabber server.  The jabber server can then connect to other jabber servers or to external systems.  The Jabber client connects to the Jabber Server on port 5222.  The SimpleTCPListener needs to have :initialize() called from an id that has rights to open a network connection.  I have only tested it on LambdaMOO Core.  I believe it should work on JHMCore, but I haven't tried.


   The SimpleTCPListener was set up initially to responde to Quote, Time, Finger etc.  I added Jabber on as an after thought.  If you want to turn off the other functions, edit .ports


   When a connection is established on ports 5222 (Jabber Client-Server) or 5269 (Jabber Server-Server), $jabberd:parse_line gets called.  Again, this is an area where there might be JHMCore issues since JHMCore does handle networking a little differently.  However, I think everything should work.


   Currently if you have Jabber MOO listening on port 5222, it behaves like a watered down Jabber server.  Any jabber client should be able to connect to the server on port 5222.  Currently, there is no login checking, and anyone can log in with any id they want.  If you do try to create a new id.  It generally fails.


   I have only connected using WinJab.  I would be interested in finding out the success of anyone connecting with other Jabber Clients.


   Currently, subscriptions for presense do not work.  However, refresh roster will list all MOO users and all Jabber Users.  Chat works fine with any of these users.  From a Jabber Client just use the chat feature.  Currently, the message feature works like the chat feature.  The subject line gets lost, however.


   Messages can be sent back from the MOO using jpage with is on the Jabber FO.


   JabberMOO does not require the generic multi-communication channel, but it does support it.  My goal has been connect JabberMOO to rooms and to generic multi-communication channels.  I have thought that I might try to connect them to SunNET channels at some point as well, but not yet.


   To make a room, or a channel jabber accessible, you need to add them to $jabberd.rooms  .rooms is a list of rooms accessible.  Each item in the list is a list.  The first element of the list is the name of the room to Jabber Client users.  The second element is the object number.  The third is the verb used to talk in the room, and the fourth is a list of jabber users that are connected to the room.  I need to add cleanup for when these users disconnect.


   Currently rooms do not really work.  Channels generally work, however, if a remote user is connected to a channel, but no longer connected to the remote jabber server, you get major lag, and nasty error messages.


   The Jabber Browser (part of the Jabber Client), does manage to get a list of rooms and allow you to join the rooms.


   Up to this point everything I have written about runs off of the MOO as the Jabber Server.  I have also written the code to allow a JabberMOO server to connect to other Jabber servers.  The SimpleTCPListener needs to list on port 5239 for this.  It requires a fairly complicated handshaking arrangement.  I have tested it successfully with, but I have tried and gotten errors.  (More work to be done).  I haven't tried any other Jabber servers.


   Chatting and talking on channels across Jabber Servers works okay.  I haven't tried talking on a Jabber Channel on a remote server yet.  That is one of the next things I want to try.


   Talking to remote systems through jabber is not currently supported.  To do this, you would have to register with the remote system (another complicated handshaking arrangement), and then subscribe to the remote service.  e.g. is a connector at the jabber server.  You can go through that to get to MSN IM.  However, these connectors are very unreliable.


   Well, that gives you a brief view of what works and what doesn't on JabberMOO.  Let me know what you end up trying.  If you do get it going, I would be interested in testing the JabberMOO to JabberMOO connectivity.