-Known Bugs in LambdaCore 1Oct94-
These are all the bugs I was able to uncover in the LambdaCore of Oct. 1,
1994, which most MOOs are using since it took another year before they
released another core.
This text shows how a would-be hacker might exploit each bug, what each
bug does, and how to fix bugs like this on your MOO. Most likely it will
probably be an older MOO, since newer ones will use the new core, which
all of these bugs were found (and some
reported by me) on Lambda. Oh yeah, also thanks to Irradiate, Sunwizard and Gregg for telling me
about some of these, if you know of any bugs that weren't mentioned
here, tell me about them and I'll add them.
Brack 2/29/96
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