-Known Bugs in LambdaCore 1Oct94-
$player:set_owned_objects How to Exploit: Lets players set their .owned objects to anything they want, even to a
blank list of '0' in an attempt to defeat the quota system. Isn't really
harmful except messes up @audit.
How to Fix: Either disable this verb entirely, or snag the code from the new
LambdaCore, which runs something like this:
":set_owned_objects( LIST owned-objects list )"; " -- set your .owned_objects, ordered as you please"; " -- no, it will NOT let you set to to anything you want"; if (caller == this || $perm_utils:controls(caller_perms(), this)) new = args[1]; old = this.owned_objects; "make sure they're the same"; if (length(new) != length(old)) return E_INVARG; endif for i in (new) old = setremove(old, i); endfor if (old) "something's funky"; return E_INVARG; endif return this.owned_objects = new; else return E_PERM; endif
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