-Known Bugs in LambdaCore 1Oct94-
$wiz:shout - lets anyone shout! How to Exploit: Wow, this is a fun one. It lets anyone, even guests, use the wizard
shouter to notify all people.
This is one of those verbs which has args 'any' in it, so you can use the
object itself, and at least one preposition.
So for example: @shout #2 is a slob would work. If a wizard is in the room with you can use their name and
they'll never know you're using that method. (maybe)
It's fun to use this on newbie MOOs as a guest, gets the wizzes all riled
up, especially when you are connecting from another site.
How to Fix: Just add a if (player==this) check.. that's what any programmer should
use on 'any any any' verbs on themselves anyway, especially ones that
use their permissions (shouting, seeing properties or whatever.)
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