-Known Bugs in LambdaCore 1Oct94-
$no_one:call_verb - change $no_one's aliases and description and stuff! How to Exploit: $no_one:call_verb was specifically made so you won't damage anything. However, $player:set_name, set_aliases, set_description, set_gender, and
set_message all check if (caller==this). Since the verb that's calling
it is on $no_one, it lets you set $no_one's stuff:
For example: ;$no_one:call_verb($no_one,"set_name",{"Dufus"}) will rename Everyman to Dufus. ;$no_one:call_verb($no_one,"set_description",{{"I'm a stupid
idiot.","Nobody loves me."}})
sets $no_one's description. Remember since the third argument is the args
of the called verb, it needs to have {}'s around it.
How to Fix: Make a verb called set_*, with args 'this none this' and permissions
'rxd', and put this verb code:
return caller_perms().wizard ? pass(@args) | E_PERM; that should work.
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