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welcome to the MCP-dev mailing list.

so, i finally got around to getting a mailing list created for the
discussion of MCP; in particular, i want to get comments on the draft
MCP2 spec and get it released as soon as possible (it's been rattling
around for an awfully long time).

by way of introductions, here's who's on the list:
Chris Rath (car@research.att.com)
Ken Fox (fox@mars.org)
Erik Ostrom (eostrom@research.att.com)
Vijay Saraswat (vj@research.att.com)
Jay Carlson (nop@kagoona.mitre.org)

i think jay's the only one who doesn't know everyone.  everyone, that's
jay.  jay, everyone.  yes, he's THAT jay.

if anybody wants out of the list, let me know; similarly, if you know
anybody we should be including, mention them.  i'd like to keep the
numbers fairly small until we have a base spec and a set of core
protocols we're happy with, and then we can expand the discussion,
probably inviting moo-cows folks in.  the only person i can think of
who isn't currently on the list is networker.  any objections to
adding him, them what know him?  if not, i'll talk to him and see if
it's ok.

Down To It:
i think you all know this already, but an early nth draft of the spec
is at http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/dave/mcp2.html.  jay, i know you
had a number of comments on that draft; think you could reprise them
for the list?

beyond fixing that spec, we need a set of 'core' protocols, beyond
cords.  these are portocols that most every client will probably want
to implement; put them in the 'strongly suggested unless you just
don't want to be really useful' category.  local-editing comes to mind
as a typical example.  my biggest desire for these is that they be of
general usefulness; they should be the sort of thing that are useful
whether you're using a MOO or tinymud or LP or whatever.

on top of that, we need to start building a collection of protocols
and figure out how we deal with namespace allocation.  should somebody
be assigned the position of Keeper of the Namespace?

we need reference implementations, probably in several forms, both
client and server.

what other stuff should we be working on?

anyway, enjoy yourselves, there's crudite and fondue on the
sideboard.  mix, mingle.
			your gracious host.