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Re: tired of waiting

> > > That's incorrect, I think.  Messages are presently network-newline 
> > > separated records of printable ASCII (well plus space and tab) 
> > > characters.  I skipped this problem in my rewrite by simply claiming 
> > > that framing was defined elsewhere.
> > 
> > ok, i'll fix this.
> Can we not include tab?  Jay, do you use tab?

Hell no.  I still want to take tab out of the moo charset.

> > > Also, we use #$#mcp version: 2.0 [to: 2.1] for our keywords as this 
> > > is a little less annoying to telnet-only users.
> > 
> > erp, i'm not sure that i buy this, but in any case, would it be
> > possible to beat you into compliance?
> Yeah, would it?  Or do we have to go to 3.0?  (Common MCP: The Language.)

I'll have to stare at what we're doing and make sure our deployed
mcp-1 implementations don't lose badly.  I guess I dunno why YOU get
to beat ME into compliance instead of vice versa....I suppose actually
starting the process up again gets you some points.

Jay Carlson   nop@kagoona.mitre.org    nop@nop.com
The MITRE Corporation, Bedford MA

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