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latest update, then.

ok, the latest update to the MCP2 spec is at
http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/dave/mcp2.html.  let's call this a "release
candidate" or something.

changes this time 'round:
- as requested, noted that mcp messages were terminated by a
network-newline, which depends on transport.
- replaced '[...] match the syntax of a number or identifier'
with 'match the syntax of an identifier (as defined by the <ident>
- diked out mcp-negotiate-required.

the one big change:
i made message and keyword names case-insensitive.  The specific

<P>Message names and keywords are case-insensitive.  The message name
<SAMP>mcp-negotiate-can</SAMP> is exactly equivalent to the message name
<SAMP>MCP-Negotiate-Can</SAMP>, and the argument keyword
<SAMP>what:</SAMP> is identical to <SAMP>WHAT:</SAMP>.  Authentication
keys are case-sensitive, however.</P>

this paragraph comes after the comparison 
any strenuous objections?  i think this is a win.