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The cost of using MCP2...


I wonder if anyone has put thought to the cost of deploying MCP2
on a random MOO?  As I understand it, the current implementation
of $mcp is geared for JHCore databases and is dependant on the
existance of some $module system to assist in installation.

I'd be wary of devoting time towards implementing MCP2 in-client
if I didn't know an approximate timetable for the availability of
a simple-to-install kit for your average sub-clued #2, running LMCore.

I think that right now the cost to #2@fooMOO of enabling MCP2
clients is pretty high.  Anything that could be done to reduce that
cost, even just an installation FAQ for the technically challenged
would be a big plus.

For my own part, using XMCP which relies on core-neutral $features
and non-wizardly installation means that installation costs are
low.  There's no need for a troubled Wizard to hack a fragile core
just to assist some speculative foray into smart-clientdom.

So, I guess, does $mcp need $modules to work?  If not, then what
is the minimum requirement, for all Cores that would allow $mcp to
work?  And how soon can you ship the sucker?


Andrew.Wilson@cm.cf.ac.uk http://www.cm.cf.ac.uk/User/Andrew.Wilson/