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Re: while we're restricting things ..

> I'd also really like to eliminate the null message.  Right now it is
> valid (and specified for cords, even) that `mcp-cord' is a protocol
> with three messages
>   "open"
>   "close"
>   and
>   ""
> It would be nice to specify that all messages need to have a name for
> asthetic reasons and again to eliminate another special case in
> message dispatch.

Ok by me.  It would pass the 'easier to explain to my mum' test.
Unless someone has a special reason for using a null message, up,
perhaps for supporting generic behaviour common to all protocols:

    #$#mcp-cord _flags: debug
    #$#mcp-whiteboard _flags: debug

And where '_flags: debug' had some specific behaviour meaningful to the
'generic mcp message'?

> --ken