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MCP 2.1

 > Is a multiline message with one line for a parameter semantically
 > equivalent to a single line message?  For example, is
 >   #$#jdr-text text*: "" _data-tag: abc
 >   #$#* abc text: lolly
 >   #$#END abc
 > semantically equivalent to
 >   #$#jdr-text text: lolly
 > ?
 > John

yes, but this should be stated.

as for the comment about multiple identical keywords: i'm going to by
fiat say that you take the first one and throw away the rest, and that
compliant implementations should never ever ever ever send duplicate
keywords.  any objections or alternative suggestions?

really, honest, we'll release for review RSN.  these are fairly
significant comments, though, and i want to catch them first.