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Re: MCP 2.1

> yes, but this should be stated.

that's funny, i was going to say "no, but this should be stated".  in
the implementations i've done, a multi-line argument is always a list,
and a, you know, non-multi-line argument is always a string.  similarly,
you could implement a multi-line argument as a string with newlines.
in this case, i would argue, a multi-line argument _always_ ends with
a newline; a single-line argument _always_ does not.

> as for the comment about multiple identical keywords: i'm going to by
> fiat say that you take the first one and throw away the rest, and that
> compliant implementations should never ever ever ever send duplicate
> keywords.  any objections or alternative suggestions?

i tend toward ignoring the whole message as non-compliant.  if you want
to be accomodating to broken implementations, though, i'd go with john's
recommendation and take the last one.  (or, we could decide that order
of evaluation is unspecified!)