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Re: sigh... really, i'm not dead.

[gah, apologies if anyone gets this twice.  i think i forgot to cc:
the list.]

(administrivia: i've requested that john ramsdell be added to this
mailing list because i'm tired of adding cc: lines; i'll let everyone
know when the update happens.)

> This text looks good, but maybe it should explicitly handle the 
> following case:
> #$#say 123345 what: "Hats off" what*: "" _data-tag abc
> #$#* 123345 what: Hats on
> #$#END 123345

gaaaaaaaaah, yuck.
i'm really not liking that.
this sorta makes me reconsider the behavior about accepting messages
with duplicate keywords.  worse still, we've got:

#$#say 123345 what*: "" what: "Hats off" _data-tag abc
#$#* abc what: Hats on
#$#END abc

which means you've got to be careful to throw away those additional
lines.  yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck.  i dunno.  is there widespread
insistence that this should be legal?