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Re: sigh... really, i'm not dead.

Erik Ostrom:
> FWIW, I sort of like John's idea of a reserved request name that
> stands for "not an MCP message".  My only qualm is that the MOO
> implementation is a little bit tricky.  Assuming somebody actually
> USES the #$#text-line message, the MCP dispatcher has to use
> force_input() to get the regular server parser to deal with the line.
> I guess that's not so bad, it just feels vaguely like voodoo.
> I don't know if other existing parsers would have to go through
> contortions to handle both #$#text-line and non-MCP lines the same
> way.  I can imagine such parsers might exist.

tkMOO-light would need to be modified in order to handle this.  It'd
need to modify the incoming record's text-line representation and then
punt to the client's default 'straight to the screen' behaviour.  A
minor tweak compared to the rewrites planned in the next couple of

> --Erik