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Comments on MCP/2.?

Strewth.  It ocurrs to me that some of my last message was a little
elliptical.  Surely a sign of confusion.
The stuff about user agents is gospel, the rest of it is dodgy.
My confusion comes from one way that tkMOO-light works.  A user connects
and sends a message to the server:
The server reponds with:
        '$#$xmcp version: 1.1'.
The client responds with:
        '...  authentication_key nnnnnnnn'.
So, after the client has sent @xmcp_challenge the whole thing goes like
regular MCP.  By saying that the client should go first, what I mean is
that the client should do something to the server to make the server
send the '$#$xmcp version: 1.1' message.  Merely connecting to the
server is not enough to warrant the server's sending the '$#$ ' message
when there is no other form of capability information (@client-o) made
available to the server at the instant that the client connects.
I apologise if my constant reference to xmcp is muddying the waters.

Andrew.Wilson@cm.cs.ac.uk          http://www.cs.cf.ac.uk/User/Andrew.Wilson/