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comes the deluge...

(i was out yesterday, but i'll respond as much as i can to what was
said in a bit; however, erik's getting impatient for me to warn people
about this, so):

i'd like to make an RFC release of the spec to moo-cows on or about
monday; basically what i'd be doing is announcing the location of the
spec and inviting people to join this list and make comments.  are
there any strong objections to doing this (they'd hafta be pretty
strong.  we need to make the next step toward releasing this monster
some time soon).  in addition to that, i'd like to put up an archive
of the discussion to date (though i haven't ENTIRELY figured out how
i'm going to convert my VM mailbox to something like that).  if anyone
has a problem with this in general, or with any message they've posted
in particular, let me know and i'll pull it.

note that this release in no way freezes the spec; all the issues that
are currently open will remain so.