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Re: Greetings and comments on MCP 2.1

 >I strongly support this proposal to eliminating _data-tag: and find
>this proposal superior to the alternative I proposed while back.  I'm
>in the process of writing an MCP parser in Java with support for
>multiline MCP messages.  The algorithm this proposal requires is
>straight forward, in particular, using a separate data tag for each
>multiline in one MCP message value greatly simplifies the parser.  I
>take this as good evidence of the value of this proposal.

I strongly oppose this proposal to eliminate _data-tag.  In my parser, this
would greatly _complicate_ things.  Now, there is a single data tag and #$#*
is dispatched directly to the relevant "pending request" to add the line to
the approproate data element.  When an end is received, the message can be
dispatched.  Less complicated state needs to be kept around.   In the new
way, the "request" can't be "assembled" until all the end-element lines have
been received.

I do support the proposal to eliminate the useless : "" after multiline
elements in the initial line.