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Re: Greetings and comments on MCP 2.1


Thank you for providing an algorithim for parsing with _data-tags.
The purposes of submitting an algorithim for parsing without
_data-tags was to convince people that there exists a simple parsing
for _data-tag less messages.  Did I convince you of this fact?

Given both algorithms, it is easy to compare the advantages of each.
Parsing with _data-tags requires less parser state because each
continuation line contains the message argument.  Parsing without
_data-tags simplifies handling a continuation message line, but of
greater importance, reduces the number of characters sent in multiline
messages because each continuation line does not contain the message
argument.  This could be a significant savings is multiline values
contain many lines.


PS.  For an internal representation of an MCPMessage, do people prefer
vectors of strings over arrays of strings for multiline values?