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Re: multiline parsers, take 372576259327

Erik Ostrom <eostrom@research.att.com> writes:

> >Let me give an algorithm for _data-tag less parsing of multiline data
> >so that you can see how simple it is.
> That sentence might be read as a little bit condescending.

Sorry if I sounded condescending--I meant only to refute the claim
that _data-tag less parsing is complex.

> While it seems clear that there exist simple algorithms for parsing
> multiline data with _multiple_ data tags, I'm still puzzled by your
> assertion that it "greatly simplifies" your parser.  

On reflection, I think I greatly exaggerated my position.  I what I
should have said was that it simplifies the code that is most often
used.  The handling of continuation lines is significantly simplified
at the expense of additional set up and tear down costs.