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Re: Greetings and comments on MCP 2.1

Guys ... 

Lets get this out of the way, keeping the bigger picture in mind.

The bigger picture is that very soon, plenty of attention will
need to be paid to next generation stuff --- general CORBA/Java
protocols for object-based server/client/server interaction ---
and this kind of "haggling" over string-based representations
will be totally moot.

So: in the interests of moving this discussion along, here is a
suggestion. If you are interested in just discussing pros and
cons, and in sharing your thoughts, mark your message (subject
line) with *Discussion*. Those who are enthusiastic will probably
pitch in, those who are jaded may end up ignoring it.

If you are proposing an *actual* change to the spec, and have
thought things through, and have a pretty serious (in your
opinion) reason for the change, then mark the message *Proposed
Change*, and be very clear in the body of the message what the
proposed change is, what its ramifications are, and why you think
it might be needed.

Let me suggest that you should feel pretty strongly about an
issue before posting a *Proposed Change* note. It should be
something you feel is important enough to stop the presses for. 

We can always continue to refine any protocol --- a software
engineer's task is never done --- but probably we would have
succeeded only in burning ourselves out, and running everything
into the ground. 

This is not a complex protocol, time is of the essence, lets get
it out!

So, question: Is there a *Proposed Change* being discused