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reference implementation(s)?

since we're all talking about our implementations of the
still-converging MCP 2.X specs, i thought i would take this
opportunity to inquire:

  what's out there, who's working on it, what state is it in, who will
  get it, could we use it as a reference implementation?

i'll start with the two implementations i've worked on:

  loon has a client-side implementation written in STk, written mostly
  by me for the LabSpace project.  it's a working version of
  labspace's MCP 2.0, and it's available via FTP
  (ftp://ftp.ccs.neu.edu/pub/research/labspace).  i doubt it will be
  updated to 2.1, at least by me; and even if it did, an STk
  implementation isn't optimal for reference.  (language-wise, it's
  basically Scheme plus STk's obscure object system.)

  labspace created a server-side implementation in MOO-code, mostly
  written by ken.  again, it's labspace MCP 2.0 and it works and you
  can download it.  if no one else updates it to 2.1, i will.  it
  seems very likely that we could release the update (especially if i
  do it in my free time) and it might be a reference implementation
  candidate.  however, it may take a while. 

i think i know of at least eight other full or partial implementations
of either client or server (but none with shared code base!) but i
don't know much about any of them.  anyone want to volunteer some