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[ADMIN] more administrivia

So by the way, unless anyone objects, i'd like to standardise on some
subject-line tags to manage the threads of discussion:

[ADMIN] for administrivia like this
[DISC] for general discussion not including explicit proposed changes
[PROPOSAL] for proposed changes
[ANN] for announcements of things like implementations or 
specs or whatever (but see below)
[AUUUUUUUUGH] for announcement of YET ANOTHER MCP 2.0 SPEC.

these tags should be the first thing on the subject line (after any
possible 'Re:' tags, but see below for more on that), and enclosed in
brackets as above.

furthermore, i'd like to request that folks use descriptive subject
lines, changing the subject line to something more appropriate if
necessary.  a lot of stuff is going on under the useless subject
'Re: Greetings and comments on MCP 2.1', which doesn't help readers at
all, really.  similarly, if you're turning a discussion topic into a
real proposal, change the subject; i'm not sure what to do about
debate about existing proposals.  probably change it to [DISC], but i
don't have any really strong feelings.

enough on this already.
			subject line fascist