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Re: *Proposed change* _data-tag values give vector length

> As you all know, I prefer _data-tag less multiline tagged data
> proposal, but let me suggest an improvement for the multiline proposal
> with _data-tag.  I suggest making the tag values a non-negative
> integer which suggests, but does not specify, the number of lines that
> make up the multiline data.

This proposal makes sense to me if I read it slightly differently.  By "tag 
values" do you mean <something like data tags>?  Or do you just mean that the 
suggested length is provided in the "value" slot of the argument in the start 
line?  I.e.,

  #$#hello text*: 2 _data-tag: foo
  #$#* foo text: This is line 1.
  #$#* foo text: This is line 2.
  #$#END foo

I assume the latter.

Also, I'm ambivalent about whether the number should, if provided, be a guess as to the length of the field or an exact length.