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Re: *Proposed change* _data-tag values give vector length

> For what it's worth, Jupiter didn't do multiline values in this way at 
> all; instead it "slasified" multiline values into a single (quoted) 
> string, and then just put it all on a single line.  This led to some 
> rather large strings, and some significant inefficiencies on both sides 
> of the channel, but at least it did work...

Protocols are of course free to fit "multiline" data into the start line 
argument, since the format of these arguments is completely opaque to the 
spec.  (The spec just provides transport for them.)  In LabSpace I believe we 
used s-expressions for a similar purpose with some kinds of data.  This is 
especially useful if your data "lines" tend to be short--for example, if you 
are sending a list of numbers, you can save a lot of bandwidth by using the 
simple argument "1 2 3 4" than by sending four lines with #$#* and data tags.