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Re: [PROPOSAL] _data-tag values give vector length

> the thing is, it's impossible to make ANY real use of the dummy value
> right now, since there isn't even a suggested use for it; if it's just
> suggested to be an empty string, you can't put anything in it and even
> have a vague hope there'll be clients able to cope.

... except by private agreement etc.  Which I think is what Michael was 
suggesting, effectively.  Personally I think it's a pretty bad idea to use 
data tags as anything other than opaque values, even by private agreement.  
But I also think (see my previous message) that data tags aren't what John was 
suggesting should be used to hold length information.

> i think our current system works;

Indeed it does, as we've been using this part of it for somewhere over a year 
now (on and off).  I think we're mainly haggling over small but possibly 
significant details now, although the idea of length indicators is a new twist.