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Re: escapes in quoted strings?

>I'm not sure whether the intent is that values should be any possible
>7-bit ASCII string or merely the 7-bit-printable/readable ASCII string
>(i.e., ASCII 32-126 + TAB (maybe)) that MOO supports, and perhaps you
>want to stay vague about that (*).

Hey, you never got around to the footnote.  Anyway, IMO the intent is
ASCII 32-126 + TAB (maybe).  Although at some point we may want to
break into 8-bit ascii, unicode etc.

> in your grammar.  At the very least, this should be
>   <string-char> := <simple-char> | <space> | '\"' | '\\' | ':'


> But then I noticed that one is evidently *not* allowed to send stars (*)


Our intent with MCP 1.0 was that we be able to use MOO's built-in word
splitter to parse the opening line into message, auth key, keywords,
and values.  So strings should basically be as they are in MOO:
7-bit-printable, delimited with ", escapes for " and \, etc.  These
days that goal seems less important to me, but I haven't seen a good
reason to abandon it.  (See Jay's recent post on concept reuse.)

Anyway, my point here isn't "we must slavishly follow MOO", but "we
MEANT to slavishly follow MOO" in this respect.  Any divergence is
probably a bug in the spec.