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Equiv of single-line value verses a multiline value with one line

Roger Crew writes:

> That is, are implementations allowed to translate
>   #$#...  kwd: "foo"
> and
>   #$#...  kwd*: "" _data-tag: 666
>   #$#* 666 kwd: foo
>   #$#: 666
> differently (e.g., the one case translates to a string value "foo" while
> the other translates into a list value {"foo"})?

I wrote my parser so that the above two MCP messages produce identical
internal representations, and single line values are always sent in
the message start line.  I did this because I thought that was the
concensus I received when I posted this question earlier.

Which is it--do we follow the ML rule in which a tuple of one element
is the same as the one element, or do we follow the array rule in
which an array of one element is distinct from the element?