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[EDITS] special values

In the grammar for <auth-key>, &gt; --> &lt; 
The original is below.

 <message-name> := <ident>
 <auth-key> := >unquoted-string>
 <datatag> := <unquoted-string>

In the description for multiline values:

 If there are any multiline values, the message must include a keyword
 named _data-tag. This, in combination with the value's keyword, will
 be used to flag subsequent lines. Data tags are case-sensitive
 (implementations must not vary the case of any alphabetic characters
 in the tag between the _data-tag: argument and the multiline value, or
 within the multiline value itself), and may be any string of
 characters matching the <ident> nonterminal in the MCP grammar.

The value associated with _data-tag: should be either a <value> or an
<unquoted-string>.  A use of a <value> makes the syntax more regular.

In the description of mcp authentication-key:

 #$#mcp authentication-key: 18972163558 min-version: 1.0 max-version: 2.1

 This message indicates that the client supports MCP, versions 1.0
 through 2.1, and indicates that the authentication key for the session
 is 18972163558. Note that while this particular key is composed
 entirely of digits, the authentication-key argument need not be
 numeric, and may be any value which matches the syntax of an <ident>.

The value associated with authentication-key: should be either an